Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thomas says:

Thomas says:
if i didnt know you i would think that you were stoned

Thomas says:
but because i do i learn to live with the bollocks you talk

Thomas says:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

looking for a job (i need 4 hips)

the full on out all *dramatic 'dynamic words here* offensive against the uk games industry began this afternoon, just after lunch time. if you fancy giving me a job thus saving me the toil of job hunting then i would be tres grateful and will shake your hand or marry you depending on whether you're a boy or a girl.

i was looking at something from school that i havent seen for 5 years earlier, and it seems that i achieved quite a lot...which sounds sneakily quite optimistic, especially for me in these circumstance. that being the case i will put a damper on thing by saying that i didnt actually achieve anything, i just got some certificates with my name on.

achievements dont come in a4 size with your name on.

do they? maybe they do.

went to the camping centre thing with phill and we discussed how i need 4 hips in order to take enough vodka7 to leeds fest with me.

seems im hunting for hips now as well as jobs.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Friday, May 19, 2006

Goodbye to what you know

'Good luck with life' Matt shouted.

'Thanks, yeah you too man' I replied.

I turned and carried on walking across the car park.

I got into my car.

And I drove away.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'hello', 'hi', 'how are you?', 'fine, you?'

everyday i bump into myself. and we like each other less and less.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ways to annoy me on myspace

I'm an angry young man with too much time (not enough beer) on my hands, so here's a list of ways and means by which you can annoy the hell out of me on myspace.

  • Over use of the strike tag...there is a time and a place to use the strike tag, the time is NOT 'every single word' and the place is NOT 'on your page'. It's not original and if anything it makes moody people like me close the browser window immediately and wonder what the hell is going on inside your head.

  • Following on from the above we have the ever-so-shit 'style' whereby every one of your links uses a strike out. Same thing, it WILL annoy me, it WILL make me not want to click those links, but it WON'T make you look any cooler/hipper/(scene-er ???)

  • Fucking less than fucking three. Stop being retards, stop using less than three. It's annoying. So stop it. Let me clear this up once and for all, less than three does not, and will never look like a heart. So you want a picture of a heart in your text without using a photo/clipart, fine, HTML/ASCII ALREADY HAS A WAY OF ACHIEVING THIS! Let's do a comparison test: here is a heart - ♥ and here is a less than three - <3. One of these symbolises a heart and can be used to mean 'love' or 'like' in a 'i heart NY' type of way. The other symbolises that one entity is less than, or lower than three, for example, my tolerance level of people using less than three to represent a heart is <3.

  • Those raining hearts/spades/whatever that people put on their page to be different (or more accurately to annoy me). AARRGGG omfgydtdaddmf!!!! Maybe when the internet was first available to the mainstream Joe Public, maybe then those raining hearts may have been an amusing novelty for oooh about 10 seconds. Raining hearts are nearly as unoriginal and annoying as the cursor trails that all those first time website builders add to their free 'make a website in 3 clicks' website.

  • Music. This may surprise some people but I could not give two shiny ****s as to what you're favourite song of the moment is. I spent a lot of my time working at a computer, and that being the case I have amassed a large collection of my favourite songs in my own playlists. I listen to these playlists because I like the songs, and I'll be damned if you are going to play your crappy crap.X.core over my rocking rock.X.core. If you have a song on your profile I will stop it playing IMMEDIATELY...unless it is 3 Little Pigs by Green Jelly, in which case I will smile, and think back to sitting in Beave's garden hearing this for the first time, then going to skate at (St) Josephs and (St) Chads.

  • Videos. Right, why do you feel it necessary to stick a novemtrigintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
    000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) or 10^120 videos on your page? Even on a broad connection it's a waste of bandwidth, but I could forgive this. What I can't forgive is having a novemtrigintillion videos all set to autoplay. WTF is wrong with you people??? If you know enough about HTML to embed a video on a webpage, then you also know enough HTML to turn autoplay off. If I want to watch your videos (which I don't, but if I did) then I would click the play button, or the screenshot if it's one of those photobucket video things. So, why not put links to the videos, so I can quickly load text and then decide if I want to see the video? Or, if you must, as least make sure that you code autolpay set to off.

  • All you attention whores. Please please please please do NOT add me and then never talk to me. I accept this from people who know me, because they know how much of a dick I am, but if you are a perfect stranger and you add me, and then don't say a word to me, there will be a couple of consequences. The first is that I'll tell you, and anyone else who cares to listen, that you're a cock and an attention whore who simply wants to out 'friends' everyone else. Secondly I'll delete you and laugh from behind my monitor screen at the thought of your precious friend's list being reduced by 1. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Bulletins. I do not need a bulletin telling me every single sodding time you inhale, exhale, and repeat.

  • The definition of 'friend' and the fucking pointless notion of an extended network, that isn't actually an extended network. Sometimes this winds me up so bad, until I remember that my definition of 'friend' and myspace's definition of 'friend' are completely different. (Mine is the right definition of course) Now, the extended network, it's an ok idea, the major flaw in the plan though is that Tom is instantly added to your friend list as soon as you sign up. This is a bit crap because it means that Tom is a friend to everybody, thus your extended network includes it isn't an extended network at all. To counter this I deleted Tom within about 5 seconds of creating my account all that time ago.

  • or sXc or the word 'scene'. If you have a lot of x's or full stops or the word 'scene' in your profile and you tell me that you are 'scene as fuck' I will: think you are a cock, think you are not scene as fuck at all, not like you.

  • Skin tight jeans belong on girls because I don't mind staring at their asses. I don't want to stare at a boy-in-skin-tight-jeans' ass. Black leggings and denim skirts? Oh dear. Leopard print leggings? That's Lyn Skully territory love. Ballet flats in combination with any of the above? There is only one scene that belongs to, and that is the BeatScene. It is not the 1950s anymore and I doubt the BeatScene is the scene you are trying to be 'scene' in, so just stop it. There are lots of photos of people dressed like this on myspace, and I seriously doubt that you are all beatniks.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gav threw Tom's boxers at a girls face

Went out for Tom's birthday, and after a bit of a disaster involving three bbq's, some burnt-as-f*ck veggie sausage and a lady who hadn't eaten for 9 months because she had ulcers we made it to Leeds. Tom went in a hot tub with, well I dunno who, I was dancing with my eyes closed for three hours (I was drunk and happy and high (on life not drugs)) and when he came back Gav threw Tom's boxers at a girls face. I don't think she minded. She was drunk.

We finished Absence. It's made. It's done. WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Giving a presentation to the rest of the CVG course tomorrow, Richard said he would try and get some people from industry in too, so that should rock. I'll be posting up some screenshots, videos and where you can download it from in the next week or so. If you like games, or you know someone who likes games, or maybe even you just want to try a game that isn't a typical video game then you should give Absence a try. Similarly if you like me, or know someone who likes me, or just want to see what I've been staying up till 2am to work on then you should give Absence a try.

How's this for an offer: it's quite a big download, so if you cant be arsed or you have a slow connection, get in touch and let me have your postal address and I'll send you out a boxed version on cd for free. Can't say fairer than that.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

why so glum, chum?

because everyone is moving forward, granted some are moving slowly, and some are speeding ahead, but they are all moving. that is the point of the matter. im not. well i feel like im not. where am i going? nowhere is the answer that seems most accurate. im at a standstill. things are still the same. nothing has really changed. i want to go somewhere. wont someone take me somewhere? please?

where are you mate? where are you tonight?

in a couple of hours it will be Tom's birthday. so happy birthday friend. you rocker you. one place i am going is on a 12, 13, 14? hour drinking session. i will start on saturday afternoon and i wont stop until the early hours of sunday. knowing my tolerance to alcohol i may well end up being very very ill :(

i'll sit in the corner and be tragically stylish. or maybe just tragic. maybe a couple will look over: 'hey, avoid the gloomy kid' they will say to each other. we'll know things they will never know though. the jokes on them.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

final hours

today was meant to be the final day of getting content into Absence, seeing as we still have to but together the beta build, test it to death, and fix any bugs or problems that arise. well the 12pm deadline came and went. as did the 8pm deadline.

we have now set a 1.45 am deadline, thats just under 2 hours away. and there are some major problems with some of the models, i've already re-compiled 37 of them, and that seems to have done the trick *fingers crossed*

so now i am drinking milk by the gallon and frantically going through and compiling all the models again (well all the models i made for the game (62))

edit ok its not 2:08 am and im about ready to call it a night. i think we have got most of the major problems sorted. tommorow we are all playing at being QA testers, so a day of playing video games...sounds good to me :)

think ive stayed up too late and drunk too much milk, dont really feel too sleept at the moment. ah well.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Friday is coming.

Wow, I should post when I'm drunk more often. Or maybe not. Spent most of today compiling all the textures and models I've made ready for the game. It's hand in day on Friday. EEEEK. I'm really looking forward to seeing it finally finished but it's also kinda scary because it's been a part of the team's life for so long now.

Just what the hell are we all gonna do with spare time when we don't have to model or texture or unwrap or code or compile stuff???

Get a job that's what.