Wednesday, August 30, 2006

so after 40 quid and a trip to CCL my main pc is back up and running. hurrah. i've got my music back. got my movies back. got 3ds max back. got photoshop back. what more could i want?

well im still feeling rough, so some strong black coffee would be nice. you can serve it with a smile too, thanks.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my computer blew up

actually it didnt blow up, but the psu fan did stop working which meant that it was running at about a million degrees C...which isn't too great. this also resulted in my graphics card getting fried. which sucks. tomorrow looks like i have to spend some cash that i dont have on new parts.

oh im back from leeds fest btw. what a damn cool 5 days. you know those things that usually happen to 'other people'? well one of those things happened to me for once. this kicked ass. i saw the sky so much that day cos i was walking with my head held high instead of searching the ground for a nice hole to skulk into.

had a telephone interview today. said they would let me know 'if i'd been successful within the next six weeks'.

after standing in a field in the cold and very very very heavy rain for a bit i seem to have given myself a nice sore throat, achey joints, and bouts of sneezing fits. ace.

does anyone else tweak after drinking strong coffee, or is that just my pussy ass?

hell you try having a BMI of 16.1 (im running at 112 pounds at the moment. heaviest ive ever been is 119, but ive lost a bit of that lately (not even intentionally))

so yeah, you try having a BMI of 16.1 and not getting screwed up off tiny amounts of chemicals.

ummm think thats all for now.

ooooh. any more of you f*ckers wanna post your spam sh!t that i have to keep deleting and i something. (thats an open threat cos i cant think of anything menacing at the moment)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Gonna be going away for a while (not that I post as often as I used to...maybe I have less to say now?) But yeah, I'll be away for a bit, so this is very likely my last post for now. I expect I'll take a few photos of the festival and post them here.

Until then, everyone out there in blogger land, stay safe


Friday, August 18, 2006


It was raining heavily earlier. Sounded really nice pattering down on the roof. I laid in bed for an hour looking at all the photos on my phone. Photos of friends, and nights out, and places I've been, and interesting things I've seen. Over a year in my life saved as .JPEGs

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

these just got delivered

£284 worth of thin card

another funeral

i was at another funeral today. the 2nd in 5 months.

i wish people would stop dying :(

Thursday, August 10, 2006

We went to York and this is how we rolled

A couple of months ago it was Toms birthday. We clubbed together and bought him a driving experience day. Basically he had to turn up at an old airstrip and he would get driven around a few laps in a kitcar, then he would get the chance to drive a full rally spec Subara Impreza. Damn we are good mates to get him that!

Anyway, he booked it (finally) and so I drove myself, Tom and Liam over to York, and here are some pics of the gorgeous cars that were sliding around the place: (click for larger version as per normal)

nice Puma

rally spec Impreza

Ferrari F355 - this thing sounded absolutely AMAZING

back end of a Lotus

another of the rally spec Subaru's

Ferrari again

super sexy Porsche

Impreza again

This little kitcar was like a rocket

and again

Liam and Tom

Tom in the kitcar

The Pumas were doing burnouts and handbrake turns on this gravel area


back end of the Ferrari to finish off

I got some video of Tom driving the Impreza, the files a bit large to post up though. All in all a really really great day. Great roadtrip, great cars, great company, and a great pub lunch in this really 'typically English' country pub.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A year and 5 days

Been so busy lately I even missed my blog's birthday. Sorry about that mate!

So after 1 year and 5 days, 138 posts, 2 names, and a fair few designs here we are. Hopefully I've explored some interesting stuff along the way. Maybe I haven't. Personally, I think I am definately in a better place than I was last August. A lot of really cool stuff has happened since then, and, brace yourself now, perhaps there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. Yes siree. The end of August/ beginning of September is lining up to be a busy time - busy in a good way :)

I always start feeling a little odd this time of year, summer is in full swing and soon it will be autum, and everything that entails. This year I will mark summer with a bang. I've even started walking with my head held high. Wow.

I want to mellow out more, I want to feel like I used to feel before I got all bogged down, and I think for once I am making progress.

So, happy birthday blog. Thanks for the people you have allowed me to meet. And thanks for joining me for a while. Here's to the next years worth of blogging!!