Sunday, January 13, 2008

that work/life balance

do you ever have any trouble striking that work life balance? you know, giving your work the attention it needs, but at the same time giving your loved ones the attention they need?

it's a pretty crazy time right now. i have 4 assignments and an exam this week. 2 of the assignments are basically written documents, only because of the christmas holidays, and the kinda unique nature of our class (we are a class of 6 masters students with little to no programming experience in an undergraduate programming course) so while most of the guys have done at least 3 years of programming, we have done 12 weeks. therefore our assignment is in a totally different direction from theres. anyway that all means that we dont actually know what our assignment is yet. and it has to be in on friday. i'm sensing having to write a 3,000 or so word document on thursday afternoon. thats gonna be fun.

add to that the stresses of 2 other assignments and an exam and its a pretty crazy week right now. oh and i seem to have been having an almost insomnia like patch lately. for the past week or so ive not really been asleep much before 2 or 3am. i guess im not helping myself - today consisted of 3 cups of black coffee and a litre of red bull type 'stimulation' drink...nothing like caffiene to help get work done.

caffiene and anxiety, it's a great mix. so yeah, that kinda means that there's no time left in the day for loved ones. and its understandable that that pisses them off. so now you have to deal with that, as well as all this work that needs to get done. so now its caffiene and anxiety and stress and hoping that you're not doing any irrepairable damage to people and arg.

im looking forward to not having to eat one handed so that i can still get some typing done even when its lunch and tea time.

you know when you know youve messed up, and youre not sure if you can fix it? well. damage limitation mode here we come.