Sunday, November 25, 2007


bit of a long time since i last posted. so what's new? hmm everythign seems to be ticking along quite nicely thankyou, so im not about to start rocking the boat.

Was, one of the guys from uni asked me and Mem to be in a short film he was directing for a competition, so we agreed, and it was probably one of the most fun things you could possibly do in between having lectures.

we ended up winning the competition too, so Was gets a nice new ipod, and Mem and me get some (not at all) hard earned cash ;)

if you head over to you can see the film, it's called FATE. one thing though, it's in a funny format because one of the rules of the comp was that each film had to be made purely on a mobile phone. if you have VLC media player ( though you can easily download and watch all the films.

now i have 2 main worries. one is that i have 2 projects to work on which need to be at the first draft stage in the next fortnight. the other is that it's only a month or so until christmas and i am yet to start buying any gifts or cards. eeeek.