Monday, August 24, 2009

so things have been pretty hectic the past few.....weeks, months? its been quite a long time anyways. i've been writing. a lot actually and when i've not been writing i've been decorating. i'm not too hot at hanging wallpaper, but dicovered i am totally awesome at fitting carpet. hey, it's a useful life skill alright! at least now i know that i will always have softness underfoot wherever i end up. it's a reassurance lol.

Juan sent me an email the other day telling me to get my shit together and send him my cv and some sample work. that meant i had to update my cv because it was incredibly (i'm talking 3 years here) out of date. so yeah, stayed up till around 3ish or so getting that sorted and putting some samples together. dunno if it will lead to anything, but it may, and as long as i've got a chip and a chair then everything is all good.

also, updating my cv led me to discovering the joys of openoffice. now, i use photoshop to make a lot of fancy borders and section headings (helps to have a slightly arty cv when applying for art jobs) and in the past i've just used word to import my images and actually write the content.

word is horrendous for this kinda stuff. ok, i know it's a word processor, and so it's designed to, errr, process words. but honestly, if it's gonna give me the option of importing images then it should at least be able to handle them to some sort of standard without freaking out and getting all clunky.

so, openoffice makes me smile because:

- its free
- it handles images really well and is at least 300% more super awesome than word
- it can export to PDF in a single click without having to install any tempramental plug-ins
- its free
- you don't have to fight against it to get it to do what you want to do
- oh, and its free


festival season is here and im looking forward to wednesday. although its been pouring down all day, so the ground is likely gonna be totally boggy and totally muddy and totally soaking. fantastic. still im hoping that a crate of lager, 2 bottles of jagerjager and a bottle of sailor jerrys is gonna mean that we wont care too much about the weather. also considering skittles vodka, better to have too much than not enough and all that. plus its fruity goodness makes me go KAPOW inside.

so thats what ive been up to lately. what have you been up to lately, world?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

sup world?

so the past month (or however long) i've kinda been awol. i've spent most of the time since my last post drinking more than i should......and other stuff but we won't talk about that right right. well i got a gig doing some fitness articles which i did. doing a gig writing some articles about meditation and minfulness and all that kinda stuff at the moment. i think a lot of people see this sort of stuff as being quite 'hippy trippy' but a lot of it makes sense. i like the philosophty behind it all. it all kinda seems to make sense.

also graduated. can add MSc to the letters behind my name. which is not really such a great achievement but all things are relative. at least i hope they are.

i really need to change my approach. the idea of holding back is really not working out so well for me. i think this time i should change that. worse that can happen is that nothing happens. which isn't so bad seeing as that is what is happening now. so all in all, it's pretty much a zero risk option. and those are the tpye of options that i like :) roll on the bank holiday weekend. gonna try to go in real hard.

*sigh* is it bad that im pretty happy to just be a waster right now?