Saturday, November 01, 2014

so then.

i am 30 now.

how the heck did that happen

still feel like i should be 19, or in one of bukowski's bad dreams.

i've been taking stock/ judging by past form of the male members of my family i am now past middle age. i honestly don't think i mind.

i will admit things havent panned out how i imagined. at all. while id like to think im mostly to blame i dont think that is quite true, is it?

14 years ago i sat in the same place and it felt llike i had so much infornt of me. now i sit in the same place adn it feels l;ike whatever was in front has long since passed/past/.

just so you know, it, i check ytour blog regulary. it is almost 4 years since your last post. i dont think you are comong back.

still listening to less than nothing. 11 years after teh fact. please if you havent, please, listen. it is worth it, i promise you.

i thought youd be, be there, for me, you werent there, you werent anywhere, you lied right to my face you broke my fucking heart one day, one day you tore my heart apart well i am nothing

so i wish you had grown
while i bleed all alone

/and other, such things


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