Friday, June 25, 2010

so what, i'm drunk, and i'm a weed head and ima treat everyday like the weekend, head first off the deep end, yeah, you know what's happenin, i'm just relapsin'.


spent most of the day yesterday wandering around garage forecourts. think i've narrowed my choices down to two or three possibilities. in the mean time i think i'm going to repair mine and then sell - not sure whether to part exchange or just sell privately...all depends on which is gonna get me the best price really.


i bought another camera off ebay. this one was much more expensive than my last - it cost a whole £3.99.

it's a coronet twelve-20, made in england circa 1950's. i'm excited to try it out, just waiting on some film arriving in the post and then i can get out and make sure it's all in order :)

tlr ftw


so the news from a couple of weeks ago hasn't really materialised into of yet, but i'm still quite hopeful. i'm thinking there may well be a chance to 'test the water' (as it were) coming up in the near future


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

all of a sudden it feels quite strange.

i bought tales of ordinary madness yesterday. it should be arriving soon. it's been a while since i caught up with buk.