Friday, March 28, 2008

i think we need to


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

happy and sad

:( i have a cold, my throat feels like i've swallowed razorblades and my head feels like i am balancing a pallet of bricks on it.

:) :) :) on sunday im going to paris with lauren.

:) the other day i sent off our payment for tickets to ford fair in august. the forum im on are having a stand to show off members cars.

:( i want to make a few changes before i show the car. this will cost money.

:( had my eyes on a set of 8 wheels on ebay. they were £200 and needed tyres, but they were quite rare as they aren't made any more. just before i placed my bid my pc crashed. it's having a few problems with either the cooling or the power supply. by the time i started up my other pc the auction was over.

:) saw a work in progress video of a game we are making for uni. it's looking pretty nice for this early stage.

:( we don't have long to get it finished and a lot needs to be done.

:( did i mention im ill?