Saturday, March 27, 2010

and i don't know where we are all going to

my "retrospective mind-trip" has very much been continued lately.

circa 99

found my old school bag (or old-skool bag, if you like). it was, and is still, affectionately known as my "blueprint sack". partly because "sack" was what us coolass-pop-punk-alternative-skater types called bags (anti-establishment, right; and as a side note we also wore lanyards and would chill at lunch time by sitting on the grass banks reading copies of sidewalk, thrasher, and transworld), and partly because it's made by blueprint; hence "blueprint sack".

circa 94

i also managed to find my pogs :D well not all of them, only the "swap-able" ones. i split my collection up into two parts, one part is my proper collection, the other part is made up of all the pogs that i already have and are what i used to use in trades. this was an important thing to get arranged cos heaven forbid i should swap a pog that i needed by mistake. so, i found my swapsies but i'm not sure where my other ones are. will have to keep looking. also found my "milkcap maker" machine. milkcaps were hot shit in 94

circa sometime i dont remember

found my boglins. there were cool then, and they are cool now. cool-as-fuck in fact. can't even argue with that, it's proven fact.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

listenings and watchings

for the past few days i've been listening to a||look to the heavens||z by (morse) constantly. i rather like it. went on a bit of a spree last week and downloaded a load of free creative commons music. this is what i downloaded:

a||look to the heavens||z by (morse)
the chrysalis moon by (morse)
drink to the drowned ones by macabro
every sunday morning kills us by bashed nursling
places of mystery by bluedark
das haus des hundes by das haus des hundes
the silence industry by the silence industry
at the end of it all by carl sagan's ghost
1+1 by the math-amphetamines
blue music by acreil
eating thorax by bashed nursling
calling home by a paranoid android

i also had a couple of days of doing nothing but watching films. these are the films i watched:

seul contre tous (i stand alone)
lilja 4-ever
sånger från andra våningen (songs from the second floor)